JOsephine Relli


Josephine Relli


Up and coming singer-songwriter Josephine Relli is diving head first into the music industry. Debuting her first album, Miscellaneous, at age 14, she is already one step ahead of the game. Now at age 16, along with her record, Josephine has released multiple singles and is currently gearing up for a brand new EP coming April 2018. Coming a long way from when she first began, Josephine is an independent artist who runs all of her management, writes, and produces her music, and loves every moment of it.

Having a musical style that is somewhat out of the ordinary and a sound that is genuinely unique, Josephine's songs stand out. If it's not her intricate compositions or capturing lyrics that catch you, it has got to be her voice. Having been described as a female Sam Smith, Josephine's voice has a richness far beyond her years and a certain grit that helps her proclaim her song's stories. With her songwriting, Josephine wants to reach as many people as possible, and by writing songs that can be subjectively interpreted in many ways, she is actively striving towards that goal.

Since her start in the music industry, Josephine has performed at Hawkins Cellars, Lange Winery, Methven Family Vineyards, and the Portland Saturday Market in front of hundreds, as well as getting features on KGW and Sounds of PDX radio show. Keep a lookout for more from this rising artist!

The Band

Marcelle La'Vae - Pianist

Marcelle La'Vae is a singer, songwriter, and musician, whose music can't help but draw people in. She has been involved in music from a very young age - since the age of three actually, when she was handed a toy piano. She started playing songs by ear and by eighth grade she was writing her own music. As a young teenage girl in the early 1990's, her Father passed away unexpectedly and tragically. This started a storm that powered Marcelle on and she began playing in the halls of churches.  Her music has only improved since then and she's continuing to grow even now. 

Marcelle's music, art, and performances are an experience of her life journey. She is an artist that you will want to listen to on days of joy or heartache. Her fun and quirky lyrics grab your attention, while her melodies get stuck in your head.  Bring the music and art of someone like Marcelle La'Vae into your lives and homes and you will be forever changed.


Kaleb Davies - Drummer

Ex-principal percussionist of the Portland Youth Philharmonic and aspiring metal drummer Kaleb Davies is enjoying exploring the world of acoustic music with the Cajon and shaker. Apart from rehearsing or gigging with Josephine Relli, he can often be found rehearsing with his up and coming metal band, writing songs and singing harmonies in his bass and drum duo with Berkeley-studied bassist Ted Kollar, or playing at his church: Calvary Chapel Beaverton. He has played snare and the tenor drums in the Beaverton High School marching band, studied jazz at the Alan Jones Academy of Music, and even written drums for a small classical string ensemble called ARCO-PDX. Kaleb enjoys violently headbanding while jogging, daydreaming about what school dances would be like if the DJ played Meshuggah, and falling asleep to death metal.

Joseph Konty - Guitarist

Joseph Konty was born on the ancient planet of Lordanu as an Earth freak. Then shipped to Earth to freak it out.  Joseph has worked in the recording industry for 20 years.  He now produces music artists & plays a lot of guitar.  With his wife Rachel & son Isley.

  www.josephkonty.com /   www.isleybluesartschool.com