JOsephine Relli


Josephine Relli


Up and coming singer-songwriter Josephine Relli is diving head first into the music industry. Debuting her first album, Miscellaneous, at age 14, she is already one step ahead of the game. Now at age 17, along with her record, Josephine has released multiple singles and a new EP, "Make A Change". Coming a long way from when she first began, Josephine is an independent artist who runs all of her management, writes, and produces her music, and loves every moment of it.

Having a musical style that is somewhat out of the ordinary and a sound that is genuinely unique, Josephine's songs stand out. If it's not her intricate compositions or capturing lyrics that catch you, it has got to be her voice. And shall we mention her magnetic character, sense of style and natural presence on and offline! Josephine is multi-talented artist always ready to hit the stage and share her passion for music, to Making a Change in this world in A Blink Of An Eye. Let’s try changing those titles to a link to listen! Josephine's voice has a richness far beyond her years and a certain grit that helps her proclaim her song's stories. With her songwriting, Josephine wants to reach as many people as possible, and by writing songs that can be subjectively interpreted in many ways, she is actively striving towards that goal.  

Since her start in the music industry, Josephine has performed at Hawkins Cellars, Lange Winery, Methven Family Vineyards, and the Portland Saturday Market in front of hundreds, as well as getting features on KGW and Sounds of PDX radio show. Keep a lookout for more from this rising artist!