Must-Haves for Traveling

I love to travel. Discovering new places, meeting new people, trying and learning about different cultures – it's all amazing. I even like the getting-to-my destination part, but there are some things I can't go without on a trip.

1. A Good Book (Or maybe two...or three...or four – Okay, I have a problem. I get it)

Having a good book along for a trip is essential, especially for the ride. What else are you supposed to do, except try not to think about high up you are or how fast you're moving. Of course, there are usually movies you can watch, but I personally find reading to be more relaxing.

Another reason I bring along a book(s) is to read when I have time to chill. I love exploring places when I travel, but for those winding down times, there's nothing better than pulling out a good story to enjoy in that new environment.

2. A fuzzy blanket

I don't know about you, but I love being able to cuddle up with a blanket of my own. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but something about it being mine from home makes it better.

3. A Camera

I love being able to take beautiful, high-quality pictures of where I'm staying, and you never know when a photoshoot opportunity might arise.

4. A notebook

Being able to have something empty and fresh to write in while traveling is a must for me. I like to record things, write stuff down, especially when it can be from a notebook I purchase in that location.

5. Cultural, Language, and Food Notes

Depending on where I travel to, I need to have notes on the location. I love culture and language, so books or records on those are a must.

Food is another thing I like to know about before going. Being vegan can make eating in new locations somewhat tricky, so I want to be able to map out where I can go and how to go about ordering things before heading out.

6. Way too many shoes and accessories

I tend to bring along way too many options for accessories. Specifically shoes and bags. Although, in my defense, different outfits cause for various accessories. (Bull, I just have a problem)

7. Another Language on my "To-Learn" List

Depending on if where I'm heading has a different language or not, I put a ton of energy into learning it. Having any sort of excuse to work on another language is good for me.

8. Songwriting Notebook

New places inspire me, so I have to have a way to utilize that inspiration. My songwriting notebook is usually on the top half of my list for that reason. I don't always end up writing, but having it there for the option or little push is still good.

9. Technology

Computer, phone, headphones, and charges for all make it on my list like they do many people's. A phone is relatively self-explanatory in this day and age, and a computer is because as much as I'd love to escape some work sometimes, it just doesn't go away. In fact, it always seems like during a vacation is when my to-do list ends up doubling.

10. Running Shoes

Going for a small (and I mean Small, maybe .015 of a mile. I'm not a runner..) jog is a reoccurring part of my morning routine, and being able to jog in a different location brings whole new enjoyment to it. (And by that I mean it actually becomes somewhat enjoyable)

11. And last, but definitely not least: Guitar

Now, sometimes with shorter trips, I exclude this, but if I can manage it, I love bringing along my guitar. Being able to play some music while looking out on a whole new environment is fantastic, especially if you can explore the music of the area as well.

Those are my 11 must-haves for travel. Some – others might include on their lists, and maybe some others are just me things. What would be included on your travel list?