"I Am Enkindled"

Do you ever sit back and see the world around you in a different light? Well, that's what I experienced this week. While driving back from Seattle through Portland, I took a look at my city. I had a memory stir up from the back of my mind of when I first visited Portland before moving here. How I fell in love with the city upon first glance. Its culture; its people; its ethics. Everything about it was amazing.

Over the past six/seven years of living here that initial novelty has worn off a bit and I found myself longing for it again, so I've been traveling. Now, while that's not a negative thing I've somewhat lost the wonder I first had for my own city. I hadn't fully noticed it until seeing the city lights in the dark while driving back home. The same lights I first set eyes on when I visited seven or so years back.

So, in order to rekindle my love for Portland – I decided to become a tourist again.

This journey of mine I'm planning on doing over a longer period of time, and my goal is to experience a new part of Portland each week.

For this week though I went back to the two places that had me initially falling for Portland.

Powell's Books & Thai Peacock

One of the first places I went to when I visited Portland was its magnificent bookstore, Powell's Books. This glorious store had me basically drooling. Books upon books upon books. And you'd better bet I bought a largely unnecessary amount. After buying books, it was time to refuel - obsessive buying is tiring. And we ended up finding this adorable little restaurant by the name of Thai Peacock.

Hands down, the best Thai food I've ever had, and that statement still stands now after trying many other locations. These two places have always been my favorites, and they are what I fell in love with the most when I was in Portland for the first time, so these were the obvious choices for my first mission of - rekindle Portland love.

Last Saturday I took an excursion with a friend of mine to downtown. Taking the max, which is not something I had ever done before (I know), we headed down to those very two places. We wandered about Powell's enjoying the charming atmosphere of a bookstore and, even though I swore not to buy anything, walked away with a couple of books. Walking the minimal distance, we then reached our next stop, Thai Peacock. We sat down, relaxed, and enjoyed the first meal I had in Portland - Pad See Ew.

The trip was so fun, and although it wasn't a very long one and I didn't experience too many new things, I felt a twinge of that first affection finding it's way back.

My first outing in my journey was a huge success, and I'm hoping to re-experience my city all over again and regain its novelty.

And I challenge you to re-become a tourist in your city.