"I Am Strong-Minded"


That's the theme of this week; bringing forth "I am motivated" and for this blog, "I am strong-minded."

While discussing motivation, I feel as though it's essential to confront the opposing side - feeling unmotivated. I find my most productive mindsets often occur after my most lazy. Something about not doing anything for a bit jumpstarts the need to do everything.

Now while that's all good, it isn't plausible to continually have stages of dormancy in between when things get done; so that brings us to the best kind of productivity. The kind that comes about by pushing through the haze of indifference. Motivation and having a goal start the journey, while perseverance drives it to the finish line.

That leap over the hurdle to success is one of the hardest things to do and personally, one of the biggest things I struggle with. I always have things I have/want to do, but sometimes that rock hits me, and sometimes it wins. Even while having motivation on my side it can be an uphill battle, but when you claim the top of the mountain, it feels so much better.

Motivation and being strong-minded go hand in hand I think. It takes motivation to jumpstart it and strong-mindedness to push through what might block the path.

This week I have been feeling so much excitement and determination to get the ball rolling on everything, and I have also been experiencing one of those rocks. In my head, I have plans, to-do lists, and tasks to be completed, but my body wants to quit and not finish them. Nonetheless, my will to push through has beaten this barricade many times this week. I have filmed and released videos, launched the campaign, rehearsed for gigs, and much more. My strong-mindedness has pushed me through, and although it may still be a struggle, even now while I am typing this, I'm enduring. I'm reaching the goals I set and checking off those to-do lists one by one.

It's a fight that continues to try again and again, but it's possible to beat it each time as well. Within a theme of determination comes motivation, but it takes strong-mindedness to hold onto that motivation and use it.

I Am Strong-Minded.